New Jersey Construction Solutions
"WE supply the men so YOU can get the job done"





At NJCS we are committed to bringing Contractors to the Tradesmen they need to get the job done. 


With over 10 years of construction and staffing experience the NJCS experts have an extensive knowledge of what it takes to get a job done. This knowledge allows our experts to understand what is needed from Contractors and Tradesmen alike, leaving no man left behind. 

As Contractors shoulder the burden of ever-changing and larger responsibilities associated with a growing company, NJCS promises to be by their side to assist them with the acquisition of skilled tradesmen without the hassle of the "true cost" involved with keeping a full-time employee. NJCS will pay for all workmens compensation, payroll, unemployment, plus benefits.

As a Tradesman there is a big difference between getting paid and getting paid for what you're worth. With our experts, who have been in that position, we understand the struggles of finding a job with decent compensation. At NJCS we promise to find the most suitable position for the best possible pay. Our interview process is designed to discover your area of expertise and get you working as soon as possible.